Ian Gunn Consultant


Ian has been involved in the financial aspects of personal injury claims since the early 1990’s. He cut his teeth in the world of forensic accounting, investigating high value claims and developing experience as an expert witness.

During this time, Ian became involved with the development of structured settlements, gaining significant practical knowledge. Ian wanted to take this further than he could within the confines of an accountant’s role, and qualified as a financial adviser in 1998.

He has been providing independent financial advice to recipients of personal injury damages ever since, and has built up a wealth of experience in shaping plans to meet their particular needs.

Ian has also continued to provide expert evidence, specifically on the form of an award for future losses. Ian has worked closely with his colleague Richard Cropper since 2005, and their work has been instrumental in developing case law on the emerging periodical payments regime, including the topics of indexation, security, taxation and the problems caused by the Roberts -v- Johnstone approach to future accommodation costs.

Ian and Richard were also on the panel of experts appointed to advise the Ministry of Justice on the discount rate used in personal injury awards.


  • Involved in providing specialist Independent Financial Advice to recipients of personal injury awards since 2001. These are mainly catastrophic injuries, particularly cases of birth injury, spinal injury, traumatic brain injury and fatal accidents. They mainly stem from clinical negligence, road traffic accidents and workplace accidents.
  • The awards have ranged from less than £10,000 to more than £25million.
  • Ian has provided advice, whether as an expert witness or an independent financial adviser, in more than 1,000 cases. This includes expert reports to the High Court and the Court of Protection.
  • Appointed to the expert panel to advise the Ministry of Justice on the discount rate used in personal injury awards.

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