What we do

Primarily, the Consultants at PFP provide expert independent financial advice to recipients of personal injury damages; both pre and post settlement.

Post-settlement advice involves:

Pre-settlement advice involves:

  • Understanding needs, aims and objectives for the future;
  • Setting out the advantages and disadvantages of lump sum awards and periodical payments;
  • Understanding and assessing the certainty of current statutory funding into the future;
  • Explaining the limitations of the law and the implications they have on future choices and flexibility, with particular reference to accommodation claims, prosthetics claims and the potential to live abroad as examples;
  • Being there to answer your questions in order that informed decisions can be made; and
  • Being truly impartial and clear.

We also consider that we have an obligation to act as a resource with regards to these areas, which is why we keep and maintain our knowledge bank.