Personal injury specialists

Richard Cropper, Ian Rowe, and Richard Winward are Financial Advisers at Personal Financial Planning Limited, a company dedicated to providing independent advice to recipients of personal injury damages.

The team at PFP has been involved in providing expert independent financial advice since 1993.

Throughout this period PFP has provided expert financial advice taking into account these changes and has been at the forefront of development in areas such as periodical payments, personal injury trusts and bespoke investment planning.

Our commitment to helping to set and meet the financial expectations of our clients is at the forefront of what we do. We aim to share our clients' burden of trying to make an award of damages last a lifetime, whilst understanding that it must be spent in order to make a qualitative change to life.

This commitment to innovation and the fairest outcome as expert witnesses is no more apparent than in our role as expert advisers in all of the important 'indexation' cases (Thompstone, De Haas, Corbett, RH and Ure), which are landmark in the development of earnings-linked periodical payments as a truly viable alternative to a conventional lump sum for severely injured claimants.

Richard Cropper also gave expert evidence at the Court of Appeal in the landmark case of Swift -v- Carpenter, which has revolutionised the recovery for additional accommodation needs.

Our experience of the financial needs of catastrophically damaged people, the legal process and our role within that process has ensured that we are able to provide expert financial advice that our clients rely on.

Indeed, when, in 2010, the Lord Chancellor required financial advice in respect of the Discount Rate to be applied in personal injury damages, he retained Richard Cropper.


It is rare that the investment of an award of damages is the sole solution to our clients lifetime needs. But the importance of investing an award of damages with a suitable degree of investment risk, in a manner that meets expectations should not be underplayed; it takes many skills, understanding, experience and a tested methodology.