Personal injury specialists

The team

Our Authorised and Regulated Consultants

Our four experienced and well qualified consultants have a wealth of experience in advising recipients of personal injury damages and they take responsibility for providing suitable truly independent financial advice to our clients. Click here to view their profiles.

Technical support team

Our consultants are supported by a dedicated team of technical paraplanners with direct access to investment companies, their fund managers and market leading research technology and research systems. Our research program also requires the technical support team to interview fund managers, together with our consultants, on a quarterly basis. This ensures that every aspect of our advice is thoroughly researched and appropriate for each client at the point it is given and ongoing into the future.

Welfare benefits and care advice

Our experienced welfare benefits adviser has a deep understanding of the state benefits, Local Authority and Continuing Health Care systems and how personal injury damages impact upon such entitlement, throughout the UK. Maximising such entitlements can materially impact on the needs that must be met from a client’s damages and the level of investment risk the award needs to be exposed to. Click here to view her profile.

Risk and compliance team

Adherence to the Financial Conduct Authority rules and principles is central to everything we do at PFP and we employ a team of compliance professionals, both internally and externally, to ensure each of our client’s interests are served best at all times.

Administration support team

Supporting our clients and our consultants is the administration support team, who are responsible for handling all day to day queries and making sure that the advice we give and the requests our clients make of us are implemented in both an efficient and timely manner.

Annual review team

Each year, our annual review team make contact with our clients to ensure that all of the financial information we hold, which is the basis of the advice our consultants give, is up to date. This information is used by our consultants to ensure that our clients' current investments continue to meet their needs, which are discussed face to face at the annual review. Click here to view more about the importance of ongoing lifetime advice.

Our investment committee

Our investment committee comprises our consultants, technical support team and the risk and compliance team who meet quarterly to review the performance and value of the portfolios we recommend, and to make changes and recommendations as markets and portfolios dictate. Click here to view more about our investment philosophy.

Those outside of PFP with whom we work

We work with other businesses providing specialist support to us and our clients in the fields of taxation, legal advice, risk and compliance, investment management and research.


My name is Amy and I am now 24. I have cerebral palsy, which I why I can’t talk or walk. This often means people don’t realise I am otherwise a normal human being.
My name is David. I’m 52 years old and live with my wife, Lesley, and ‘Bernie’ our very affectionate and inquisitive Jack Russell. I was involved in a serious accident at work in 2005 and broke my back and suffered an acquired brain injury.
I am Jack's Mum and Court of Protection appointed Deputy. Jack has cerebral palsy, which has a profound impact on every aspect of his daily life.