Amy's story

My name is Amy and I am now 24. I have cerebral palsy, which is why I can’t talk or walk. This often means people don’t realise I am otherwise a normal human being. So I am determined to spread the word, and have been giving presentations in schools about speech therapy and communication problems, and I would like to turn this into a business.

The court approved settlement of my compensation just before my 8th birthday. It was around that time that my solicitor introduced Ian Gunn to my mum and dad, and to me. Of course I was not old enough to understand what was happening, but I now know Ian advised that some of my compensation should provide me with an income for life, and a trust should be set up for me with what was left. My mum and dad are my trustees, together with a family friend who used to work with my dad.

Ian keeps an eye on the money in the trust fund and comes to visit to tell us how it is getting on, and whether I am spending too much. For me, the best bit is getting tax refunds! I appreciate the support that having trustees gives me, and would not want to be left to deal with financial decisions on my own.

My mum and dad and my brother, sister, nephews and nieces are my world, and mean everything to me. That is one thing that has not changed, but lots of other things have. I feel secure because I know I have an income for life, whatever happens. I also know that the huge support I get from mum and dad can’t go on forever, so I know things are bound to change in the future. I feel reassured because I know that Ian is keeping an independent eye on things and providing regular reviews.

Also, without Jo’s help, I don’t think I would now be getting the level of support I do from the local authority, or all the benefits I am entitled to.

My name is David. I’m 52 years old and live with my wife, Lesley, and ‘Bernie’ our very affectionate and inquisitive Jack Russell. I was involved in a serious accident at work in 2005 and broke my back and suffered an acquired brain injury.