2016 ASHE 6115 calculations review

jamesrooney Dec 20th, 2016

Following the publication of the 2016 ASHE data on 26th October 2016, I have been asked, as in previous years, to check numerous calculations that have been carried out in respect of the indexation of our clients’ periodical payments.

It is very pleasing to see that, in the vast majority of cases, these computations are entirely consistent with the relevant formulae and data, resulting in error-free payments being made. Even the calculations that I am checking for the first time, but where more than one escalation has applied over time have been correct, meaning that all of the previous calculations were right too!

This demonstrates the relative ease with which the indexation methodology, as set out with the model Schedule approved in RH, can be applied, even though it looked rather frightening in 2008.