I’m an MP, get me out of here!

jamesrooney Apr 28th, 2017

As if the UK had not already had enough of being asked to vote in mindless television shows over the last decade (think Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, I’m a Celebrity et al), it is becoming apparent that the political arena is wanting its own fair share of the action too.

With Theresa May having called for a general election, which will take place on 8th June 2017, voters now face their third national poll in two years (and this ignores local and mayoral elections).

One might wonder whether there is a danger of ‘voter fatigue’.

After all, how many times can the electorate really listen to candidates and petitioners trot out the same old spiel time and time over whilst genuinely feeling engaged, particularly when such spiel has, on occasion, subsequently been found to be at best hollow, and at worst wholly untrue.

Within hours, if not minutes, of Theresa May having called for the election on 18th April most commentators were already making predictions of a landslide victory for the Conservative party.

However, if recent elections, both here and in the US, have taught us nothing else it should be that nothing is a foregone conclusion.

Indeed, if anything is going to raise the energies of tired and apathetic voters, it might just be the prospect of the excitement of a race to the finish post by a rank outsider.