The dawn of the new tax year is upon us!

administrationsupport Apr 9th, 2017

We would like to take this opportunity to remind our clients of the importance of retaining the tax year-end documentation provided by the relevant institutions.

Annual Tax Vouchers & Interest Certificates are issued throughout April and May each year, and it is your responsibility to retain these for the purpose of your tax return. These are provided by FundsNetwork, Cater Allen, NS&I, NatWest Bank, (Julian)Hodge Bank, Allied Irish Bank, to name but a few.

Please note these documents are only sent to the account holder and PFP are not automatically provided with duplicates. Furthermore, banks, including NS&I, and Building Societies will not correspond with PFP once an account has been opened.

Whilst we are happy to assist you in providing information to your chosen accountant, we do need you to gather and retain this important information. Please contact our administration team should you have any queries in this respect.