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4th October 2019

Changes to NS&I savings rates

On 2nd September 2019, National Savings and Investments withdrew from general sale its popular Guaranteed Growth and Guaranteed Income Bonds.

11th September 2019

Sneaky, sneaky: Universal Credit slides a little nearer

​Sneaking in, just days before the parliamentary recess, the government introduced regulations allowing the Universal Credit (UC) ‘managed migration’ pilot to begin and for the compensation of certain claimants forced over to the UC system.

19th July 2019

Our views on the new Discount Rate

Richard and Ian set out their views on the new minus 0.25% discount rate set by the Lord Chancellor under the Civil Liabilities Act

1st July 2019

Shooting Stars…

Ian Gunn ponders the woes of Woodford investors in the funds he managed.

1st July 2019

Welsh Rates of Income Tax

From April 2019, the level of income tax paid by Welsh taxpayers will, to a degree, be determined by the Welsh Government. Rates may therefore vary from those paid by tax payers in England and Northern Ireland.