19th July 2019

Richard and Ian set out their views on the new minus 0.25% discount rate set by the Lord Chancellor under the Civil Liabilities Act

16th April 2018

Ian Gunn takes a long look at interest rates and why investors should be wary.

20th March 2018

We received an update from the Ministry of Justice with regards to the proposed Bill this morning.

28th February 2018

The Ministry of Justice have provided an update with regard to the response to the Justice Committee report in respect of the discount rate

29th January 2018

In its response to the Autumn Budget last November, the Resolution Foundation, a ‘think tank’, painted a bleak picture of the outlook for the UK economy.

20th December 2017

The Justice Committee's report on the proposed discount rate legislation concluded, amongst other things, that there was insufficient evidence of over-compensation to justify the abandonment of Wells.

6th March 2017

This is the first of a series of posts about the Lord Chancellor’s decision to reduce the discount rate used in assessing lump sum awards in personal injury claims to minus 0.75%. As some have already observed, what was a discount is now an uplift.

9th February 2017

In Manna v Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust, [2017] EWCA Civ 12, the Court of Appeal considered two particular issues arising from a Roberts -v- Johnstone award for an additional property.

17th November 2016

We have collected a wide range of documents with regards to the calculation of the discount rate and popped them in our 'knowledge bank'.